Further Training


The once-yearly 9-month Core Training Program (CTP) offers a significant training ground for spiritual awakening and growing consistency with centering as essential spirit.

The focus is on retraining your spiritual awareness and energy management, in service of practicing an integrated state of being in which you are able to express your essential nature through your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual languages, and to practice wellness in all ways. All this in order to live as your Self from your integrity and truth and to cleanly express your unique gifts in the world.

The 2021-22 program is now in progress. If you are interested in or have questions about the ’22-23 Core Training Program, please contact Jan Fleming.

Pre-requisite: Completion of
Class III in the preceding June, plus an interview with the Class III/CTP teacher after applying. Application can be made during Class III.


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With completion of the CTP and with sufficient practice integration to be able to work in a less individually-held training environment, there is the opportunity to apply to join a group of practitioners who practice together weekly.  These practitioners recognize the value in consistent and regular group practice for the tremendous support it provides for integration, healing, and maturing.