Private Sessions

Individual Sessions

PRIVATE SESSIONS are available by appointment from designated teachers. Teacher-level sessions are one-to-one, and can be configured to address your specific needs, including questions you bring to the session.

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Jan Fleming:
Cost: $145  ($120 for active Core Group/Core Training Program practitioners). Cost includes tax.
Contact Jan for information or to book a session.

Michele: Michele is currently only available to work with practitioners actively in training at a CTP-level or greater.


There are uniquenesses to the energetics of being in a female or male body.  Teacher-level sessions are available for both women and men, addressing your expression of these uniquenesses.

Pre-requisite: Completion of Class I or greater.

Women’s Energy Sessions

As spirit you are neither female nor male, but to embody a female body joyfully requires wellness with the specific energetics of your system.

A Female Healing & Reading  begins with a 15-minute healing of your female body energy system.  The healing is followed by a 45-minutes of information on how you’re expressing through your female body, specifically addressing your use of your female creative energy, and your male and female energies.  Healing can be offered as appropriate throughout this time. You can request to focus the reading on a particular issue.

Available by appointment. Contact Jan for the current practitioner.

Men’s Energy Sessions

A Male Reading is a neutral assessment of your current reality as spirit expressing through a male body. Information is provided to help you identify, grow awareness of and heal your relationship with unconscious patterns, historical choices and non-integrous energies that compromise your male energy system (including access to your essential female and male energies), and your ability to consistently live and create from your essential truth in your male body.

Time is provided for questions and is also given for healing work as appropriate throughout the reading. You may request to focus the reading on a particular issue.
Readings are 60 minutes in length.

Available by appointment.