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    • Holiday Schedule: We’ll be taking some time offline over the holidays. See the Contacts page on our website for details.


    • NEW: Introduction to Meditation and Energy Management: Tools for steadiness in challenging times
      These 1-hour sessions will offer an introduction to Centering and Grounding. These are free of charge and will be held twice a month on Zoom, with the first one on Sunday, January 9th. Class size will be limited. See below for more information or register here.


    • Introductory Workshops: These Workshops offer a deeper introduction or a refresher of the foundations of Centering and Grounding. The next 2-Night Introductory Workshop starts December 2nd on Zoom. See here for more information and all the Workshop dates.


    • Basic Classes: Class I begins in January (on Zoom) and in March. Class II will take place in March. See here for details.


    • Women’s Energy Basic Class: This class is an introduction to the energy system specific to the female body, and will be held in January 2022 on Zoom. Prerequisite: Class II within the last year. See here for more details.


    • Healing Clinics and Individual Sessions: These are still on hiatus until we can resume in-person events safely.
    • Zoom: Our classes and workshops are currently being held remotely due to the pandemic.  Check back for updates about when we will offer in-person classes again.


© Deanna Thompson, Seiki Photography
© Deanna Thompson, Seiki Photography

INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION and ENERGY MANAGEMENT: Tools for steadiness in challenging times

In life, and particularly in difficult times, we can be impacted by energy dynamics that we may or may not be aware of, as well as our own response to them. These can leave us feeling stressed, anxious and exhausted. Now, more than ever, we need ways to have clarity, simplicity and solidness as we find our way through.

In these 1-hour sessions we will offer a way to practice centering and grounding – being connected within and growing sturdiness in meeting things as they are, especially in changing times. When we’re centered and grounded we are present and connected, and are resourced to meet life in a way that is more easeful, healthy and sustainable.

These sessions will include some teaching and some closed eye practice. We ask participants to keep their video on for full engagement in the session. In our experience people learn more from full participation and from hearing each other’s observations and awarenesses.

No previous experience is necessary. Each session is independent, and you can attend them as often as you like.

These sessions will be held twice a month. For the full schedule see here.

Dates:          Sunday, January 9th: 10 – 11 am
                      Thursday, January 27th: 7 – 8 pm
                      Sunday, February 13th: 10 – 11 am
                      Thursday, February 24th: 7 – 8 pm


Location:   On Zoom
Cost:            Free


To Register click here, or for more Information click here.

Registration will close 24 hrs before the event begins.


Please read the information below prior to registration.
For these sessions you will need:

– A private space, where you will not be disturbed
– A chair that you can sit in with your feet resting flat on the floor
– Your video screen at viewing height, and sufficient lighting that you can be seen easily
Your video must be on (phone in option is not available). All of our sessions, workshops and classes are experiential and require your full presence. You will be muted at the start of the session to minimize distraction for the class.

Sessions will begin promptly at the start-time listed. Please log on 10 min early to ensure your technology is working.




Technical Issues: 

Please note that we won’t be able to provide direct tech support during the session. If you have never used Zoom before, please trial with a friend before the session so you are familiar with how it works.

If you have technical trouble:

  • Log out of Zoom and log back in
  • If it persists, or you can’t log in, shut down your computer and restart, then log back in.
  • If it persists or if you experience connectivity/ internet issues, you may need to reboot your modem as well (unplug it, wait 1 minute, then plug it back in).

Questions: Contact Beth Fawcett at


In these clinics, trained practitioners offer 15-minute energy healings specific to the male or female energy system (and for people new to the practice, a 10-minute regular energy healing beforehand) to assist you in having more presence, grounding and flow. Open to everyone.

These clinics are on hold until further notice.

Dates: On hold until we can be in person again.
Time: TBA
Cost: By donation (to cover administrative costs) – by e-transfer.
Location: TBA
To Register: Pre-registration is required. Please contact Jan for information or to sign up.


As spiritual beings, we express in our lives spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically through our energetic patterning. When our expression is undistorted, we are able to offer our unique gifts and voice clearly and cleanly, and to love and be loved. When our expression is compromised by distorted patterning, our engagement in life, wellness and relationships suffers from issues of fear, reactivity, conflict and misalignment. Healing misalignment requires us to have an accurate apprehension of our current patterning.

In an individual session, a senior practitioner who is trained to view your energy pathways and connections will assess patterning that blocks or disrupts innate healthy flow and inhabitation. An individual session ideally supports you in bringing kind attention to these areas so that you can repair and realign with who you are essentially. These sessions will be held in different screened-off areas of one large room, and there may be another trained practitioner at each session. Sessions of this format are open to both those who have taken basic classes and those who have not.

The Individual Sessions are on hold until we can be in person again.

Dates: On hold until further notice.
Time: TBA
Cost: $75  (by e-transfer)
Location: TBA
To Register: Pre-registration is required. Please contact Jan for information or to sign up for an individual session.