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Michele Ley

Michele is a spiritual practitioner who has been refining, evolving and teaching this practice for over 40 years. Her background includes training in psychology, human services and counseling. She is currently the spiritual director for Spiritual Essentials, a multi-level practice community based in Vancouver, and she supports other teachers in BC.

Her work focuses on the spiritual realization of our essential nature, four-language integration (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical), non-duality, and sustainable wellness, all in service of being able to love and be loved, and to work and express our unique gifts in the world.

Note: Michele will be offline until October 20, 2021. Please contact Jan during this time.


Jan Fleming

Jan has recently stepped into the role of Spiritual Essentials Director. She currently teaches at all levels – Introductory Sessions, Basic Classes, the Core Training Program and beyond.

Jan works with people growing truthful clarity, learning space, and dedicated spiritual practice such that they can know themselves essentially, whole and integrated (spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally), both internally and in their lives. Jan has a counselling private practice in Vancouver, where she works with a coaching style of counselling to help people bring greater self-regulation, integration and coherence into their lives.

Contact Jan at 604-202-6307 or janfleming at

Note: Jan is offline on Mondays.



These teachers are Basic Class teachers/staff within this practice. Classes taken from them are accepted as pre-requisites for further training with Jan and Michele or each other (they are actively maintaining alignment with this practice).


Alex Oosterom
Teaching in Vancouver – alex.oosterom at or 604-780-0305.

Alex has been training with Michele in Spiritual Essentials since 2010, and she has been teaching basic classes and workshops since 2015. She has her Masters in Counselling and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor.


Beth Fawcett
Teaching in White Rock and Tsawwassen – fawcettbeth at or 604-727-5418.

Beth Fawcett has been training with Michele since 2007. She teaches Workshops & Basic Classes, and is a member of the leadership council within Spiritual Essentials. Her background includes over 15 years in Adult Education.


Amanda Carachelo
Teaching in Vancouver – amandacarachelo at or 604-671-7469.

Amanda has been training and working with Michele since 2012. She teaches Introductory Workshops and Class 1 in Vancouver. Amanda is a registered social worker with training and experience working with mental health and addiction.

Note: Amanda is on maternity leave until 2022.


Aiyana Kane
Teaching in Vancouver – aiyanaskane at  or 778-899-5511.

Aiyana Kane has been training with Michele since 2009. She is a member of the leadership council of Spiritual Essentials, and teaches introductory workshops. In her professional life, she is a business owner, focusing on organizational growth and leadership development.


Brooke Douglas
Teaching in Richmond and Vancouver, BC –  brookemdouglas at

Brooke has been training with Michele since 2008 and is on the leadership council in Spiritual Essentials.  She currently teaches Introductory Workshops in Richmond through Continuing Education. In her professional life Brooke is an educator with a focus on innovative teaching practices.


Lori Thompson
In White Rock – 604-209-1042
lori at

Lori is currently on hiatus from teaching Basic Classes.



Please direct inquiries to the contact person listed under each event or class (see the News / Special Events page or the Class Schedule Page).

If you have questions that are not related to specific classes or events, please contact Jan Fleming at janfleming at